Miracle Concerning St. Theodosius the Confessor +1948
of the Russian Catacomb Church
and Metropolitan Kyrikos.

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In 1998, Metropolitan Kirykos traveled for the first time to Stavropol. When he arrived, he was amazed to be welcomed by the ringing of church-bells. This amazed him because he had not told anyone that he was planning to go to Stavropol. Metropolitan Kirykos keeps his travel plans a complete secret, and arrives whenever he arrives. Metropolitan Kirykos did not even plan to go to Stavropol. He simply decided at the last minute, since he was in Voronezh, to travel down to Stavropol to venerate the relics of Theodosius the Confessor (a Catacomb saint who reposed in 1948). He wished to venerate his relics because he had read the life of this elder, and admired him. When Metropolitan Kirykos asked why the bells were ringing, the people replied that they did not know he was arriving, and they are not even sure who rang the bells. No one admitted to ringing them. It was as if they were ringing on their own, to show their joy that a True Orthodox Bishop was visiting Stavropol for the first time since the repose of the Catacomb Bishops.

Almost immediately, a very old nun approached the Metropolitan and handed to him an artophorion, an epitrachelion and a cross. When Metropolitan Kirykos asked why she was giving these to him, the nun replied that in 1948, a few days before St. Theodosius the Confessor reposed, he asked her to take these items and place them in a certain box in the cellar, and to not let anyone know where they are. St. Theodosius then told her that in exactly 50 years a Greek bishop will arrive with the sounding of bells, and that she (the nun) is to then go down into the cellar, find the box, and give these articles to the Greek bishop. St. Theodosius then reposed three days later.

The day Metropolitan Kirykos arrived in Stavropol was on the very date St. Theodosius had commanded the nun to hide the relics (the same date, 50 years later). Three days after Metropolitan Kirykos’ arrival, was the commemoration of the repose of Blessed Theodosius. The Metropolitan went to the cemetery and served a memorial service over his tomb. He served the memorial/moleben/requiem whilst wearing St. Theodosius’ own epitrachelion.